Hi, I’m Sabrina. During the week I work as a psychiatrist, after work and during the weekends I’m working on my hobbies and business on the side. Apart from medicine, I studied Life Coaching and neurolinguistic programming because my life sucked and I knew I had to do something about it. Now, I’m an accredited Life Coach, President of Life Coaches in Basel, Switzerland and I’ve realised I’m a multipassionate creative: I sing, dance, write, learn new languages, teach Zumba,… I’m finding the courage day by day to combine all I’m learning and launch my own creativity coaching business. Say what?! Yes, I’m a creativity coach and I help people who struggle with their passions and creativity to reconnect with their curiosity and bounce back. You know the writer’s block or the butterflies before performing? I help you go through that in a healthier, faster, holistic way and help you dare to lean into your fears and follow your passions according to your values.

As I’m building my business, I would like to understand my ideal customers, my creative multipassionates (aka YOU) better, so that I can provide you with the best products and services. I’m so grateful for the time you are taking to fill this questionnaire as best as you can. Your answers and data remain confidential. And your effort won’t go unnoticed. Once I’ve reviewed your questionnaire, there’ll be an awesome surprise waiting for you in your inbox!

Now on to you!

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