Accountability buddy: I’m your cheerleader for 30 days

100.00 price excluding VAT

How it works: Once we’ve agreed on structure, aka terms and conditions, we’ll exchange phone details. I’ll keep you on track through texts on WhatsApp during the agreed, regular check-ins. I’m here to support, motivate and inspire you to reach your goals- whatever they might be- and get you where you want to be, faster and more efficiently! I’ll be your loyal cheerleader for 30 days. We’ll celebrate your successes and get you even more focused and motivated by your failures!


Do you:

  • have a new goal but find it hard to stick to the things you’re supposed to do to reach it?
  • want to set a new habit?
  • find it hard to be accountable and stick to what you said you’re gonna do?
  • wish you had some support on a daily basis? 

Allow me to be your cheerleader, keep you accountable and be there when things don’t go the way you wished.

I’m loads of fun, passion, kindness AND assertiveness.

Together we learn & get things done faster.

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