How we play?

Play-n & Simple

  1. Trust & Honesty: I’ll say what’s what, who’s who, answer all your emails & share goodies I believe in to be the best to my knowledge at the time.
  2. I grow & I create. Yes, I’m multipassionate and I’m all over the place.
  3. My anthem these days: Relentless Engagement. Perceptive Flexibility. 
  4. I help you, because I adore <3 you. Just text, email me or send me a letter 😉
  5. Fun is probably the only must. 
  6. I sell stuff- if I want to- and promote people or businesses I feel passionate about.
  7. I go on holidays. Boy, I deserve it. +, I believe quality is better than quantity, don’t you agree?
  8. At times I use adult-language- cause it’s fuckin’ awesome!
  9. The best feeling of the world is belonging. Once you subscribe to my email newsletter you’re family and know you’ve found a place to call home.
  10. I don’t have a shit load of money.  I love investing my money on this baby site, clothes and shoes, fun workshops, learning new dances, skills and languages, theater tickets, gifts, stationary, painting materials, and nutritious food. 
  11. I give back to different charities and people (single moms and dads, multipassionates, students, children, elderly). I also offer 3 coaching sessions for free once a year. All donations to the site go into creating a new-thought educational system for children with 1:1 coaching.
  12. You & I vibe? AWESOME! Join the party! As long as you’re here, please be warm-hearted and kind to others.