Want something more in one or more aspects of your life?

Are you open, honest, and willing to take life to the next level?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own life and turn things around?

I’ve been where you’ve been! Trust me! The road is long and challenging but coaching makes the ride smoother, faster, cheaper and worth the while!

I’m an NMC Life Coaching Diploma accredited coach, with experience in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and the President of Coaching Support Group in Basel, Switzerland. I’ll help guide you to achieve your desired outcomes!

This is NOT for you, if you:

– want advice and expect me to tell you what to do- this ain’t mentoring, therapy or counseling.

– ‘ve got it ALL figure out.

– ‘re happy with your life as is.

– ‘re not ready to take your life to the next level.

– blame everyone for what happens/-ed in your life.

– ‘re not ready to take responsibility and accountability for your actions &/or decisions.

– ‘re suffering from a mental disorder, diagnosed by a pro MD.

– ‘re below 18.

In this case, PLEASE do us both a favor and find someone else. 

Otherwise, go ahead and…

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ColorsHello my lovely Curious Creature!

Thank you for having trusting, having faith in me and for getting in the car on our life’s journey together!

I am honestly humbled from all the love I have been receiving through personal email, I appreciate your comments and insights. Our perception, the meaning each of us gives to certain experiences and the background we all bring in a conversation in an open, wonderful community never ceases to leave me at awe!

As a result I have decided to take a decision, a decision that a week ago seemed huge, felt like a heavy backpack. I must admit it rocked me for a while.

What if I were to put that heavy backpack down? 

I am sure there is no right decision but then again is there such a thing? Somehow instinctively it resonates with my heart and spirit, it resonates with who I am. And this alone allows me to recognise that this decision makes perfect sense. And I cannot be more excited, determined and committed to see my goal through.

You obviously do not know what I have decided 😉

You are in for a surprise!

Stay tuned for more…

Infinite Love,