We are not our feelings. We are not our emotions. And yes, we have the power to control them. With a snap of our fingers.

This is one of the little gems of knowledge I learned at the “Unleash the Power Within” or UPW for short. This is a Tony Robbins event, the Father of Life Coaching and strategist, who helps us make life more fulfilling, more passionate, more alive and purposeful. Tony and his team offered an amazing experience at this event that 11,000 people attended. I must say, Tony is not for everyone. Tony is for the special few that are truly hungry, hungry for more in life; more life, more passion, more fulfilment, more fun, more joy, more excitement and adventure in life. You can see the speaking and leadership skills he owns. When he walks into the room people are hanging from his mouth. And for some, his event might be a bit culty-like but there’s a reason for engaging body, voice and playing full out. When the whole body-mind-spirit connection participates, our experiences can be better imprinted into our amygdala, the memory bank of our brains, so that you can relive the moment even days, months and years after it.

I know I will never forget the “Firewalk”. Yeap, you read it right. I’m a fucking firewalker and I freakin’ rock. No idea what I’m talking about? Well, you know those African or Amazonian tribes that like to walk on burnt coals? Well. Tony and his team arranged 30 of those firewalks. This was Day 1 of the UPW! You’re probably thinking “WTF?!” Trust me, I was thinking the same. I had no clue what I was getting myself into… I had no idea there was such a thing at the event. So you can imagine how struck I was when Tony started talking about it on Day 1. But I guess if I knew in advance, I would have hesitated to book such an expensive event; they don’t come cheap. We had all woken up early in the morning to attend the event and there were no breaks; I was hanging from Tony’s words, his stories were truly captivating. Tony has been doing what he’s doing for the past 30 years, the ease and energy he has on stage are absolutely amazing. What I didn’t know about him was that he has acromegaly. This is a tumour in his brain excreting Growth Hormone, GH for short, that’s what makes him a 21st century giant. Now, he could’ve easily surrendered to the tumour and accept treatment or a bad prognosis. He chose however to turn a what other people might think of a negative situation into something that has a positive outcome for himself, the people he loves and the whole world. How? By changing his blueprint, the beliefs and values that weren’t serving him at the time to deal with this monster of a diagnosis,  and turned all of his energy and focus into his personal development, modelling other experts, offering knowledge and experiences to the world, and following his philanthropic dreams of feeding children and families that need it.

Here’s how Day 1 goes: after hours and hours with no food, no water and no mental break I was simply exhausted. And then the talk about the firewalk came up. I was like “Wait, what?! What’s that?”

I hear Tony then say: “In a few moments, you will be walking on coals burning up to 10,000 degrees. Now I need to get you mentally ready because if you panic on the firewalk you are screwed. I’ve been doing this firewalk for 30 years. You will probably suffer some blisters, but bear in mind 3 people have died in the past 30 years. This may lead to burns, serious injuries, toxic shock and even death. You signed the disclaimer. Remember that piece of paper earlier this morning? Now, injuries happen when you aren’t in state. That’s why I need to teach you how to get and stay in state. And by the way if you get a blister, don’t worry… We’ll show you an acupuncture point to relieve the pain.”

Next thing you know, Tony says “It’s time: Take your shoes and socks, leave your belongings here, security will be in the building.” 11000 people obey and do as so. We are all now walking, just like my sister described it after she saw the vid, like sheep to be killed, towards 30 different paths of coals. Each one of us had a partner, mine was Zoltan, a out of the box Hungarian. We kept each other accountable and kept each other motivated to just go for it. He did an amazing job because midway I was freaking doubting myself and I could barely feel my legs! He was like “You do this, Sabrina! It’s in you! Yes! Yes! Yes!”, he repeated at times clapping and keeping my spirits up and motivated even though I could barely feel my feet. After walking, what seemed to be an endless stroll, stepping on a piece of grass, means that you’re it! Time to walk on fire, baby! The crew member, god bless her soul, said: “Make your move, look up, and go!”. I could hear people in the background cheering “Yes, yes, yes” nonstop. I was drawn in and with each step I took, I repeated “Yes, Yes, Yes,” each time louder than them. Two sets of arms grabbed me, a voice said: “Wipe your feet, you did it!”. It took me a while to realise what was going on, my reaction time felt diminished. Once I stepped on real ground and felt the humidity on my legs from the nearby waterhoses, I couldn’t help but scream my fucking lungs out!!! I’d done it! I made it! I never thought I could! And even while I’m writing about the event, a month later, I can’t help it but have ears in my eyes because of the joy, pride and emotional strength I owe. That’s all me baby! I freakin’ rock!  The firewalk has been a new beginning for me. And I know, every single time, I come across the feeling of fear, I need to lean in. Now, I know it’s all in my head, it’s all excuses, I can’t help myself and feel like a small child wanting to try every exciting adventure, sport and experience out there as long as it excites me. I got so inspired by the experience.

Make your move, look up, go! Yes! Yes! Yes! Celebrate!

Day 2 was even scarier than that, dealing with limiting beliefs and going to the deepest fears of you emotional capacity. Visualising this negative torn on myself made me realise that whatever negative is going through my mind can be there, for a limited amount of time only because it’s not serving me. Now I’m starting a “Dare your Courage” Bucket. I’ve always wanted to write extreme things down but even for that I never had the courage to do. Trust me, this will work. I need to experience mind-blowing events. My greatest fear is dying alone with minimal memory capacity of experiences and having had no impact on the world. Chasing dares and experiences that activate my fear/stress responses will help me decrease the resistance I have to them and will give me more joy, more memories, more worthy stories to share. And maybe just telling these stories to my great grandchildren might end up being my only legacy.

From a coaching point of view, getting into state was a combination of NLP and visualisation techniques as well as using incantations. In the beginning it takes time because NLP techniques and mental conditioning requires later constant repetition and serious priming. Otherwise, it’s just words that come out of your mouth, with no emotional or physical engagement. And both are a must. The mental conditioning with mindfulness, meditations, visualisations and incantations, jumping and dancing made me realise the amazing energy and hunger I still have burning inside my soul.

Tony Robbins & Team THANK YOU!

Now Day 3 was practically focused on selling and the topic of health. I must say, just as I was a bit pissed about the continuous selling that happened throughout the event but especially during Day 3, so were others. Tony has to eat too people, I just wish they hadn’t done it. Most of us are already fans of Tony and we’ll buy because we love the guy, his brand and the care he shares. I wish he and his team realise that and decrease the annoying selling that was going on, too outdated guys; I’m a bit disappointed.

As for the health part of Day 3, and even though I’m a doctor, it was still eye-opening! And the cherry on the top: dancing all night long to Will.i.am.’s songs and remixes. Who would’ve known that after such an intense day, I still had more energy in me? I surprised myself, yet again!

I can’t wait to learn and experience even more, keep raising my standards, taking care of myself and my loved ones, exploring places to live in and people to create lasting connections with! Fiji, I’ll see you soon 🙂

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The “Wheel of life” is one of the most beloved tools of every coach. Even during a quick surf on the website of the most popular life coach Tony Robbins, you will encounter a message “Take our free life assessment”. Personally I find it a great tool in the sense of raising awareness, noticing or measuring progress or failure, feeling more determined, and setting goals. As a coach this helps me understand my client’s situation and general life better. Values, beliefs and areas we never realised existed come during the session on the surface.

But first things first. For the curious newbies, here is what a “Wheel of Life” might look like.


You can easily find a blank wheel of life online with a simple Google Search or create one of your own. Here is a sample to download!

What you will need: Time (30-60 minutes), will to invest on you, a blank wheel of life, a pencil or pen, coloring material (optional).

Step 1: Just look at it, take it iiiiin. At first it might seem puzzling, even intimidating. Please trust me, allow yourself time and take a breath. Stay open, trust yourself and it will be ok. Have a look at each category and sense how you feel about each category. I am sure there are thousands of thoughts running through your mind, but remember…

Step 2: Relax! The exercise in itself is easy. What is not easy, even for me sometimes, is to stay true to myself and consider what MY standards and expectations are. I try to remind myself not to think of the expectations of others. And that could be difficult at times. It is important to connect with yourself, respect and be truthful to yourself. After all, the exercise is for your eyes and yourself. It is your life, this is your wheel, chose wisely, responsibly and feel free to make this exercise as personalised as possible. Finish when you are fully and completely resonating with the result!

Step 3: Bring your gaze to the category that speaks to you the most. Is it health- or home-related? Is it money- or career-related? Let’s take for example the category “Health”.

Does it resonate with you? Really? If that’ s so, let it be. If not we can change it! How? Yes… We could delete it, but seriously who does not want to be or stay healthy? Our body is our vehicle and its health depends on us, therefore I cannot imagine someone wanting to delete this category. Even if you wanted to delete it, would you stop a second and rethink it, if I were to tell you that you can change the wording? You say “WHAT?! MINDFUCK!”. And yes, interestingly enough clients prefer to change the wording of the category or even split it. How? Well, some people prefer “Wellbeing”, “Wellness”, “Vitality”… Endless possibilities! Label it the best way it suits for you! The split might be “Wellbeing Body”, “Wellbeing Mind”, “Wellbeing Spirit”.

But Sabrina can I do this for every category? What if I end up with 9, 10 11, 12 categories and end up changing all their names? Usually I would allow a client to expand as much as they like, just to see in which way this is going. Sometimes, surprises happen and values seem more logical in comparison to the given categories. And the “Wheel of Life” may turn into a “Values Wheel in personal/work life”, a “Strengths Wheel” et cetera. And here is exactly where the coach comes in. One of our jobs is to listen actively to what the client says and rephrase it so that it makes sense to both parties. A harder part of the job is to listen intuitively and have the balls, OOPS, excuse me boldness… ehmm rather COURAGE to say out loud what is not being said!

You will know that this step is done when you can say “Yes, this resonates with me!”. A little smile might appear on your face, you might feel some pride and joy, you might feel also weird and a bit uncomfortable now that you have created something personal. Touch the paper and feel its texture. Take some deep breaths and get ready for the next step.

Step 4: What is complete satisfaction for you in each category? Closing your eyes might help the imagination process. What does satisfaction feel like in this area? What can you see at this ultimate level of success? What can you smell? What can you hear? Who is with you? What are their reactions? Stay in that moment for a minute and appreciate it. Now, open your eyes and land smoothly full of determination in the now.

Step 5: Choose a category consciously. Ask yourself this simple question: ” How satisfied am I with X on a scale from 0 to 10?” Remind yourself of YOUR standards and expectations. This is not about how your life should or could be, this is about how your life is at the current moment. This is not about the past or the future. This is not about past accomplishments/failures or future goals/worries. Stay in the current moment and mark your level of satisfaction with the number along the line corresponding to each category. Zero (0) meaning completely dissatisfied is in the middle of the wheel, ten (10) meaning completely satisfied is on the outer circumference of the wheel. Go ahead and do the same for all remaining categories.

Step 6: Connect the marked numbers of each category by drawing a continuous line. If you wish, go ahead and color the area that has been created. This is where you are right now in your life.

Step 7: Take your time and reflect!

  • How is the ride? Bumpy? All smooth sailin’?
  • How do you feel about your life when you see the wheel?
  • What surprises you?
  • How do you invest your time in each category? How would you like to allocate your time ideally?
  • Which 3 categories would you most like to improve?
  • Which 3 categories need your immediate attention?
  • What’s the Numero Uno you should change?
  • What’s the Numero Uno you wanna change?
  • Who and what might help and support you?
  • What’s the smallest action you can take to get started?

This concludes the Wheel of Life Exercise, or the Eye-Opener as I call it.

I cannot wait to know how this exercise helped you. What are you taking from this exercise? 

Have questions? Need help? Please remember that as a life coach I am here for you!

Infinite Love,



I have finally finished my coaching diploma with Noble Manhattan Coaching! I feel a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of relief!


It is not often that I feel this sense of achievement to be honest. The last time I felt it was when I graduated from medical university. But I can re-feel it again, and it feels so fulfilling.

I am so pumped up right now that I have decided to review my goals for 2018. I know, most people tend to do this in December or January, especially when a new year is daunting upon us. It makes sense, true. And studies have shown that about one in ten will actually complete or at least maintain their New Year’s resolutions.

So today starting with this sense of new achievement, I want to help you guys achieve the same sense of achievement if that is what you are looking for. One way to feel this is by completing a goal or project that means something to you.

It is, hence, important, that whatever you set your mind to, is in complete congruency with your base: your VALUES. Each of us has values, some might know them my heart, others might have written them down. Yet, there are others- like me, 2 years ago- that do not really understand what values are all about and what they mean.

Put simply values are our thumbprint, who we are, our worth. 

Knowing your values can truly be liberating. Life is on all levels easier once you acknowledge and prioritize yours values. All of a sudden, decisions are done faster and feel easier, life seems to be less complicated, more fulfilling and happy. Values help you pull instead of push energy, and help you act and flow more naturally. You see clearer and can filter through the meaning and importance of experiences more efficiently. Once you drill them down they act as a catalyst to improve your motivation and your mindset. Goal-setting, mission and vision are clearer, closer and more achievable than before.

“By allying our everyday actions, decisions and behaviour with our values, we feel a sense of effortlessness, ‘being in the flow’.”, NMC

ValuesBehaviour GoalsMissionVision

A value is usually an abstract, non-countable noun. Family, for example, is not a value because we can count who is in it. The tricky part is to find what lies behind the family that is important for you. It might be security, it might be love, it might be belonging. A values list might help give you some ideas. What is more significant, though, is to allow yourself to express your value in words and phrases that resonate best with you.

Once you have nailed down on your values, prioritising them is even more important. I have done a “Values elicitation exercise” and prioritisation both on my own, as well as with the help of a coach. Amazingly, what came out with the help of another person was more striking and closer to my heart.

It is also wise to re-evaluate your values occasionally. We grow, we experience new things, we learn. What was important two years ago may not be of such a significance now. I especially suggest this with clients that are chronically stressed or overwhelmed or are having a grand difficulty with making a decision.

A “Values elicitation exercise” with a Life Coach can help you achieve wonders.

All my clients have experienced the feeling of surprise, relief, excitement, or one of those magical “aha” moments, that encourage me to stay in the business of life coaching and help more people.

Here is a site that can help you set your own values using neuro-linguistic programming. Make sure you get down to about 10-13 values before starting the prioritization process.

Below, is my current list of values. I hope me sharing it, inspires you in one way or another. 

  1. Grace/Openness/Honesty/Connection
  2. Love/Devotion/Faith/Trust
  3. Integrity/Respect
  4. Freedom
  5. Fun/Playfulness/Creativity
  6. Security/Stability
  7. Growth/Curiosity
  8. Peace/Clarity/Balance
  9. Vitality/Youthfulness
  10. Impact/Service
  11. Courage/Vulnerability

Now it is your turn! I am curious to know about your values, what you think values mean, and if you know what your values are. Want help discovering them? Get a coach!

Appointment booked. I’m all set. Coach me!