Hi you fascinating Curious Creature!


Who is this crazy person ?

Sabrina. Drop the mic. I’ve always wanted to do that- I can’t imagine it having the same impact as this baby site though.

By day I’m a supportive, caring, sometimes stressed and/or annoyed of being stressed doctor, by night and on the weekends a wild, innocent, creative child, who just wants to learn, play, dance, cook, organise, draw, create, make a mess, have fun! That’s what’s driven me to the world of Life Coaching and eventually Psychiatry. I am driven by learning about and through people, things, places and experiences that spark my curiosity, creativity and expand my growth.

My mom- bless her- has always said in Cypriot dialect: “Μάθε τέχνη τζ’ άιστην!”, which basically translates into “Learn an art, and let it go”. Whatever we learn is worth it! What I’m learning is the art of being curious and sharing my scrupulous, exciting findings with you 😉

This blog is the cool, quirky amalgam (yes, I’m using words you probably never heard of but don’t know how to pronounce either!) of a young, energetic spirit that pops into an air balloon and spreads the love, support, knowledge, fun and laughs for those that are wishing, praying and asking for it! Think of (insert medical TV show you like), combined with Maya the Bee, Jimmy Newtron, Ellen, Beyoncé and Oprah, with a spice of Sailor Moon Syndrome, eating halloumi and hummus, dancing all around. I’m too much, I know.

I invite you to walk the path of life with me by smelling the roses and the trash bins, gazing at rainbows and standing at awe with chaos, tasting the bitter and the sweet moments, listening to birds chirping and lions roaring, feeling the sun, the air, the earth and the rain together.

My mission and this site is to create and share tools, ideas and inspirations so that YOU become aware, feel accepted, loved, supported and cared for, live and lead your fulfilling, purposeful life. All, in a loving COMMUNITY with a lil bit o’ loco, moi 😉

So hold my hand, jump on the air balloon & off we go!

∞ <3,

Curious Sabrina