This is an excellent Q. The simple A: I’m a multipassionate creative. One day I’m doing this, the other that. And sometimes I need to be tamed because my greatest fear is starting something and not finishing it. And I know people might think I’m either arrogant or too flaky, which might be the case, but honestly I couldn’t care less about what other people think of me as long as I’m having fun, learning and contributing to you.

So, here are 12 facts about me to get to know me better:

  1. I’m a beautiful amalgam from Cyprus (Greek part) and Palestine. Almost born in Bulgaria, ended up being born and raised in Cyprus.
  2. I have a loving, supportive family and a few select friends.
  3. I’m an introvert at heart. I love sharing my time 1:1 with someone, this helps me listen, connect and get closer to them. 2-3 people at a single time is probably my max. Now, I’m a learned extrovert, which means that when I need to, I can get out of my cave and share time with a bigger crowd (this takes more energy out of me, but I’m happy of using the excuse for more down time :D)
  4. I’m a doctor. Yeap, finished medical school in Pécs, Hungary in 2013 and I’m working full time now in Switzerland’s psychiatry world. And yes, I got all the good drugs to my expense.
  5. I’m a certified life coach. Yes, I’ve actually studied it. This diploma and a dear friend have helped me realise that the world of psychiatry and coaching are the right ones for me.  
  6. I love challenges and having my own business on the side challenges me a lot. Now I’m working on it during my breaks, weekends, vacays and free time (aka when I’m not busy doing something else). It might take more time, but I’m enjoying the ride.
  7. I’ve been a pretty fat teenager: 120 kgs. Nowadays I might be something like 70kgs. My goal now is to get to 64 kgs and stabilise. My stubbornness, wisdom, my awesome health and personal training coaches will help me get there, safer and faster! As sad as it is, even doctors need specialists about implementing a healthy lifestyle and fitness 🙂
  8.  I’ve fallen in love and got hurt. Who hasn’t right? And I know it’s frightening to keep putting an open heart out there, knowing I have a 50% chance of getting hurt, but not trying at all is for me a no-go. This mermaid is convinced, there’s someone out there just for her 😉
  9. I loooove doing sooooo many other, different things: dancing (flamenco, latin dances, Greek/Cypriot traditional dances), learning new languages (now arabic, next year hopefully refreshing French and Spanish), planning (looove my planner), traveling (don’t get me started!), teaching, singing (in the bathroom and in small, local, cozy places), writing (currently blogging and working on a fantasy children’s book), playing the violin, painting, going to the gym (obsessed with Zumba and Les Mills programs), connecting with people… The next big thing in my bucket list is to kite surf!
  10. I adoooore design, simplicity, beauty and uniqueness: fashion, hair, pretty dresses and comfortable shoes. I wish I had all the money for unique pieces. Maybe you get a glimpse of this here 😉
  11. I believe in making love, not war. I’m against guns and the the idea of the army, when its purpose is to hurt people.
  12. I take my personal development and “inner goddesses” very seriously and I don’t hesitate to invest money on ’em. I’m always looking for the latest courses, workshops and events that can teach me something I can learn and use. Ma mama always said: “Learn an art and let it go!”. Ok, it sounds better in Cypriot dialect but here’s the main takeaway: “Learning=Art=Contributing to the Self & Others”.

In fact, here’s my agenda in 2019:

  • March-May: B-School from Marie Forleo (online)
  • April: “Unleash The Power Within” (Event in London, UK)
  • June-August: Eric Maisle’s Creativity Coaching Course (online)
  • June-July: Perfumery Course (Grasse, France)
  • September-October: Theater Performance Course (Zürich)


I help multipassionates and creatives through the power of Creativity Coaching to unlock their inner natural curiosity, creativity and imagination and help them lead a holistic, fulfilling, passionate, values-based life. Who’s better to coach a multipassionate creative than an introverted, learning-to-be extroverted me?

  • This isn’t enough, it’s not good enough. I’m not good enough.
  • Ughh. My art is shit. Nobody wants/needs/cares about this.
  • What the fuck do I do now? What am I doing? Why am I even here?
  • I should have started days ago…
  • Oh my god, why can’t I just do this? I’m useless.
  • Why am I not finishing this?
  • Why did I say yes to this? I should’ve done something else.
  • I feel stuck. Is this wrong?

I experience your fears, your concerns, your frustrations every single day. I understand what you’re going through. My wisdom of medicine, psychiatry and life coaching as well as my personal experience and journey so far, can help you breeze through the crazy waves of your creativity thunder faster in an open, honest, cozy time and space between us.

I’m here to help you get to where you want to be. And I’m here to tell you you’re in the right place.  


  1. I got into medicine because doctors listen, doctors heal, doctors help. Nobody told me in med school however, that I would be wasting more time on administration, reports and endless meetings or that I would be limited in my options because of costs, political interests, etc. I want to make a greater positive impact on this world and the way to do so is through connecting online and in person with you. This is, after all, part of my legacy.
  2. I’m craving the freedom of time and the independence of space. Say what?! Yes, my strong wish/desire/goal is this: I want to be able to work when I want to work, for as long as I want to work from wherever that might be. This would mean allocating precious time to my family, future husband and children, precious time for the things that help me stay alive!
  3. I’m convinced that at times, we multipassionate creatives and introverts are more prone to certain psychological symptoms (depression or anxiety). These can go unnoticed when one is leading a life against their values or has minimal awareness of what’s going on. Some go through it alone, others need help. This is at least my personal experience: being a coachee during my training as a life coach and psychiatrist has helped me bring more awareness to who I am and what I can do, faster and safer. This has proved to me that we can overcome these strong feelings in a safe space and time with the help of a certified person who can listen empathetically and intuitively, ask the right questions at the right time, understand and put words into what I want to say, offer stimulation, ideas, challenges and knowledge safer and faster. All to help you create a fulfilling, passionate, values-based life. I’m here to help you see your life holistically with you as the captain and expert of your life. Together we ride the waves of a blue ocean and breeze through thunders.  
  4. Working on different projects at different times and places can be confusing. This work here helps me stay accountable to me and true to my creativity.
  5. I love giving back and have big aspirations about my humanitarian work. I offer free creativity coaching calls, I help promote multipassionates and creatives, and an amount of my money goes into creating a new-wave-of-thought planner/journal and school system for our future children.