Transformation Part 1/X

ColorsHello my lovely Curious Creature!

Thank you for having trusting, having faith in me and for getting in the car on our life’s journey together!

I am honestly humbled from all the love I have been receiving through personal email, I appreciate your comments and insights. Our perception, the meaning each of us gives to certain experiences and the background we all bring in a conversation in an open, wonderful community never ceases to leave me at awe!

As a result I have decided to take a decision, a decision that a week ago seemed huge, felt like a heavy backpack. I must admit it rocked me for a while.

What if I were to put that heavy backpack down? 

I am sure there is no right decision but then again is there such a thing? Somehow instinctively it resonates with my heart and spirit, it resonates with who I am. And this alone allows me to recognise that this decision makes perfect sense. And I cannot be more excited, determined and committed to see my goal through.

You obviously do not know what I have decided 😉

You are in for a surprise!

Stay tuned for more…

Infinite Love,




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