The Warmest Welcome to Curious Sabrina

Hello my lovely Curious Creature!

I would like to warmly welcome you all to this blog. If you are just as curious as I am, you are probably wondering who I am and what this blog is going to be about.

Well, I am Sabrina! Nice to meet you! I was born and raised in Cyprus (the cutest island strategically placed in the Mediterranean Sea; please Google it!), got my medical degree in Hungary and I am currently working as a doctor in Switzerland. Since 2017 I have started studying for a Life Coaching Diploma, purely out of curiosity and because I continously desire to develop myself and help others reach their maximum potential.

I have allowed myself to begin this beautiful blog as a way of expressing myself, a way of sharing my adventures and growth with you. This is my compilation of all the lessons I am perceiving day by day in the hopes that they might one day contribute in a better life for you!

Honest to the core, this blog is going to be a wonderful adventure for us all and I would like to assure you that I will be posting regularly as my curiousity has no end! I hope and wish that together we can walk the path of life together by smelling the roses and the trash bins, seeing the rainbows and the chaos, tasting the bitter and the sweet moments, listening to birds chirping and lions roaring, feeling the sun, the air, the earth and the rain together.

Curious Sabrina was after all created FOR YOU, to help people be and stay inspired through and about life in multiple areas; from money and career, to home organisation, relationships and health, to… And do so, in a caring, loving community.

The power of curiosity leads to better and faster understanding, respecting and accepting of the individual, teaches healthy selfcare and self-talk, shares tools to reach goals and dreams and lays the groundwork for a fulfilling, wholesome, unique life in a fun, amusing way!

All we need is love, grace, natural curiosity, and a positive growth-mindest. So hold my hand, buckle up, off we go!

PS: Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! I am eager to connect with Curious Creatures like you, eager to read your comments and get your Feedback!

Infinite Love,